Engagement Photos in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Engagement Session Story:

Being born and raised in San Juan, the whole island of Puerto Rico holds a special place in my heart and I’ve been plotting my move back since the day I moved away as a teen. I’ve shared that love with Tessa, taking her to the island as often as possible. This time, it was for more than a vacation! We got to shoot an AMAZING engagement session for Malen and Antonio in Old San Juan.

We started the morning at Antonio’s childhood home (which happens to be a gorgeous estate in the middle of Old San Juan complete with 3 stories, a pool AND a rooftop.) Basically, a unicorn! We spent a long time there, shooting in every corner of the house and plotting a life that involves owning a home very similar! Lol.

After that, we spent some time walking around the colorful streets of Old San Juan and ended at the Casa Blanca Museum where we literally could have shot for hours. There are a million photo spots in and around Old San Juan, it’s the perfect place to have your engagement session!

We will be traveling back as a photo/video team for their wedding in February at the Royal Isabela Golf Club in Isabela, Puerto Rico and I can not actually dream up a better scenario!

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The engagement pictures:

engaged couple state and smile at each other inside old San Juan house

couple staring almost kissing and smiling inside old San Juan house

man holding woman from behind both smiling overlooking old San Juan balcony

view of old San Juan from the couple's rooftop home

couple passionately holding each other on balcony overlooking old San Juan

close up of couple man behind woman both laughing as she fixes her hair

man leading woman on rooftop with skyline view of old San Juan

man leading and looking back at woman, both smiling, old San Juan skyline view

couple hugging facing each other on rooftop bacony overlooking old San Juan

man kissing fiance on the forehead inside white room with black rails wooden doors

she's laughing as he hugs her inside white room with black rails and wooden doors

man behind woman foreheads touching in front of red leaf plants