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My packages are built as a baseline in a way that allows me to create a custom quote for each wedding and each couple’s wants & needs. Pricing may vary depending on a variety of things:

– Weddings or elopements within the next 6 months

– Extra small guest lists or extra low-key wedding plans

– Weekday weddings or elopements


All day coverage / $3500

- 1 photographer
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Unlimited, edited, high-res photos
- Print release

8 hours of coverage / $2800

- 1 photographer
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Unlimited, edited, high-res photos
- Print release

6 hours of coverage / $2100

- 1 photographer
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Unlimited, edited, high-res photos
- Print release

Second shooter / Starting at $500

- Always someone who I'm familiar with working around and who's style of shooting is similar to mine!
- 3, 6, and 8 hour options available

Engagement session / $400

- 1.5 hour long session
- At a location of your choice or in my studio
- Fully-edited photos delivered via online gallery

Photo + Video packages / Starting at $5500

- 1 photographer and 1 videographer OR a full team of 4!
- 6, 8 or 10 hours of coverage options available
- Highlight reel (cinematic 6-8 minute film)
- Full cuts of main events (ceremony, first dances, toasts, etc.)
- Unlimited, edited, high-resolution photos
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Print release




I've built 4 customizable packages - click to browse your package options.



- 1.5 hour long session
- At a location of your choice or in my studio
- Fully-edited photos delivered via online gallery

$400 (included with some wedding packages)


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Why? Let me break it down for you.
In the spirit of complete transparency, I want to talk about why I charge what I charge and break down exactly what you’re getting with your hard-earned money and what it is being spent on.
Aside from my creative genius and lovable charm, you are investing in:
– The peace of mind that I will be there on your wedding date come rain, hail, or snow. And, if some freak accident prevents me wobbling there, a replacement from my list of photographers that are on hold will show up.
– The peace of mind that I always bring backup gear, because technology fails us all once in awhile and I refuse to let it affect the preservation of your memories.
– The peace of mind that my job on the wedding day is not over when your wedding is over. While you’re on your way to the after party, I am going straight home or to the hotel room to transfer all the memory cards and make backups of every memory card to an external hard drive. I then make sure to do a third back up by uploading the memory cards to a backup cloud server. While I may leave your wedding at 10 pm, I’m up well into 3 am making sure your memories are properly stored.
– The peace of mind that my 5+ years experience with over 200 weddings under my belt has prepared me for the craziest of circumstances and that I’m ready for whatever. I can use this experience to help guide what is best in terms of schedule, lighting and locations, to help your wedding day go as smooth and stress-free as possible.
– The peace of mind that I will be on time, professional and insured.
– The peace of mind that I will deliver images that will be timeless. Candid moments, family and bridal party formals, your formal portraits, your intimate portraits, and the party, all will be captured in their truest form.
Now.. what am I spending your money on?
I hear from people all the time how sweet my job is that I get to just “show up to a wedding, take some pictures and pocket $3000.” That actually does sound sweet, but it’s far from the truth. Here’s where that money goes:
—The obvious: Mortgage, light and water bills, health insurance, life insurance, wifi, food, clothes, my kittie’s vet appointments, etc. etc. This life shit is expensive!
— Business insurance, both for liabilities and equipment
— Camera/equipment maintenance and upgrades
— Up to date computers
— Hard drives on hard drives for multiple backups, memory cards, these are replaced on a monthly basis. These file sizes did not come to play!
— Online cloud backup server, a monthly charge
— Photo editing software, a monthly charge
— Online booking system, a monthly charge
— Online gallery to host your images, a monthly charge
— Workshops and constant education to continue learning and becoming a better artist
— Gas to and from your engagement session and wedding day
— Car payment, auto insurance, auto maintenance
– Credit card fees to keep making payments convenient for you
— Business licenses and 30% taxes. YES Uncle Sam literally robs small business owners.
All in all, taking out costs of living and running a business + the time that goes into all of our phone calls, emails, shooting the engagement session, shooting the wedding day, backing up the images, editing the images, uploading and delivering the images… When all is said and done, I average anywhere from $15/hr to $25/hr per wedding. And while this hourly rate is decent for a regular job, I don’t have the guarantee of 40 hours a week that comes from a regular full-time job.
I’m coming into this with complete transparency so that you can feel comfortable in doing the same. I completely understand everyone has a budget and have no issues customizing something for you! If you are upfront with me and really appreciate my work, there’s usually something I can do to make it work. Especially if you are having a small wedding, need minimal coverage, getting married soon or are getting married on a weekday. Don’t be afraid to inquire just because you don’t see a package that fits your needs!

• I see you shoot weddings all over the place, where are you based?

NYC and Central Florida. I have an apartment in Manhattan and a home in Orlando and am constantly traveling up and down the East Coast. I’m proficient in traveling and the perfect photographer to take along with you on destination weddings.

• What is your delivery time?

I deliver wedding photos within 3-4 weeks, so you have all of your pictures quickly but with enough time to not rush the editing process!

• Do we get all of our photos?

You get every single photo that is not mid-blink, out of focus or just down right unflattering. My average delivery is 700-1,200 photos but there is no cap. It all depends on how long I’m hired for, if you hire a second shooter and how many activities are planned. The wilder the party, the more pictures! I do not send you any RAW or un-edited photos.

• How do you deliver photos?

Through an online gallery with full-resolution photos. No watermarks or logos will be on the photos. You will receive a download code so you have full access to your pictures and you can share/print right away.

• Do you have past reviews from other couples?

Of course!

• How do we book?

I’ll send you a proposal detailing the package you decided on via my online booking system. There will be a place to sign the contract and make a payment, easy peasy. I divide the total package price into three installments (we can switch this around depending on your preference). $1000 saves the date.

• Can we meet in person before booking?

Since I shoot 40+ weddings a year and countless engagement sessions, and spend all of my free time editing on the weekdays that I’m not traveling, it’s difficult to find time to meet prior to booking. One of the big reasons why my website is so transparent is so you can know right away if I am the right choice for you and from there we will set up a time to chat on the phone or FaceTime! After booking, we will get acquainted to each other during the engagement session. Social media is another great way to get to know me. Follow along on my Instagram stories and you’ll quickly get a feel for my personality. I am always easily accessible through text, email or phone.

• Can we see a full gallery?

Of course! When you inquire, I will be sure to send you some.