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My packages are built in a way that allows me to create a custom quote for each wedding and each couple’s wants & needs. Pricing may vary depending on a variety of things:
-Weddings or elopements within the next 6 months
-Extra small guest lists or extra low-key wedding plans
-Weekday weddings or elopements

Average Client Investment is $5,000

please inquire within for a custom quote - photo & video packages available.

All day coverage / $3500

- 1 photographer
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Unlimited, edited, high-res photos
- Print release

8 hours of coverage / $2800

- 1 photographer
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Unlimited, edited, high-res photos
- Print release

6 hours of coverage / $2100

- 1 photographer
- Online gallery for viewing + downloading
- Unlimited, edited, high-res photos
- Print release

Second shooter / Starting at $500

- Always someone who I'm familiar with working around and who's style of shooting is similar to mine!
- 3, 6, and 8 hour options available

Engagement session / $400

- 1.5 hour long session
- In your home or at a location of your choice
- Fully-edited photos delivered via online gallery

Video / Starting at $1800

– 1 and 2 videographer package options
– 6, 8, or 10 hours of coverage
– 6-8 minute highlight reel (
– Option to add professional audio (
– Option to add sneak peek trailer (
– Full cuts of main events (including first looks, ceremony, first dances, toasts, etc.)


• Do you offer video?

Yes! My girlfriend of 3+ years is the owner of a wedding videography company based in NYC. You can view her work/website/pricing here:

We offer photo and video packages together at a discounted price so that you can book both services under one company while still ensuring you have an expert in each area. Win-win :) Inquire for rates, details and examples.

• How many images will I receive from my wedding?

I don't have a maximum cap on how many images I deliver. Because I'm a photo hoarder AND because I am (like most people) picky about which pictures of myself I let the public see, I believe in Over-Delivering.

Depending on how many hours of coverage and how lit how your party was, you could receive anywhere from 700 - 1,400 photos.

• Have you worked at my venue before?

To be honest, when I was an amateur, this would worry me and I'd always a few days before the wedding and scout the venue. But I quickly learned that what looked like a good photo spot when I scouted, on the day of the wedding, the lighting could be completely different, or it's too crowded or it rained days before and now there's a puddle. In these situations, I learned to scout for new locations quickly.

Now, I am confident in my light-chasing and pretty-background-spotting abilities. When going to a venue I've never worked at before, I prefer to just show up earlier on the day of and give it a quick tour, but mostly rely on my quick decision making for best photo spots and following along with the wedding day flow.

• What happens if you’re a sick? Do you have backup photographers?

This has yet to happen and I rarely get sick, but, in this most unlikely of scenarios, yes I have a list of backup photographers with similar shooting style.

• Who will be photographing my wedding?

Me! :-) I currently do not have associate photographers, so all packages booked will be with me as the main photographer, and my second shooter if booked.

• We have downtime during my wedding. Do you charge for it?

I do include this in my full day packages, especially since it’s difficult for me to take breaks on your wedding day. Even if I take a break during any downtime and come back for the second portion of your wedding day, I am always working (backing up images, editing, culling).

• Do you have liability insurance for our wedding?

I sure do! Wouldnt dare call myself a professional without it ;)

• Do you keep a backup of our images?

Yes, I keep a backup of every picture I've taken since I was a kid. They are all safely kept in several hard drives, a cloud backup option, and shoeboxes.

Your online gallery which will host your images will remain online for one year after your wedding day.

• I see you shoot weddings all over the place, where are you based?

I have an apartment in Manhattan and a home in Orlando and am constantly traveling up and down the East Coast. My family also owns property in Puerto Rico. I’m proficient in traveling and the perfect photographer to take along with you on destination weddings.
I offer my services in Central Florida, Puerto Rico & the Tri-State area free of travel fees.

• What is your delivery time?

I deliver wedding photos within 3-4 weeks, so you have all of your pictures quickly but with enough time to not rush the editing process! But I know just how excited you are to see I will have a Sneak Peek delivered within a week, usually within 24 hours :)

• Do we get all of the photos?

You get every single photo that is not mid-blink, out of focus or just down right unflattering. My average delivery is 700-1,200 photos but there is no cap. It all depends on how long I’m hired for, if you hire a second shooter and how many activities are planned. The wilder the party, the more pictures! I do not send you any RAW or un-edited photos.

• How do you deliver our photos?

Through an online gallery where you can share, download and print in full-resolution. No watermarks or logos will be on the photos. You will receive a download code so you have full access to your pictures and you can share/print right away.

• Can we see more reviews?

Of course!

• How do we book?

I’ll send you a proposal detailing the package you decided on via my online booking system. There will be a place to sign the contract and make a payment, easy peasy. I divide the total package price into three installments (we can switch this around depending on your preference). $1000 saves the date.

• Can we meet in person before booking?

Since I shoot 40+ weddings a year and countless engagement sessions, and spend all of my free time editing on the weekdays that I’m not traveling, it’s difficult to find time to meet prior to booking. One of the big reasons why my website is so transparent is so you can know right away if I am the right choice for you and from there we will set up a time to chat on the phone or FaceTime! After booking, we will get acquainted to each other during the engagement session. Social media is another great way to get to know me. Follow along on my Instagram stories and you’ll quickly get a feel for my personality. I am always easily accessible through text, email or phone.

• Can we see a full gallery?

Of course! When you inquire, I will be sure to send you some galleries that represent the type of wedding you are having.

• What’s your history and experience with wedding photography?

I've been documenting wedding stories since 2011. Sheez I'm old!

Growing up, I was that shy 10-year-old that carried a little Toys-R-Us camera to every family function and annoyed everyone by taking pictures constantly, especially because my reason for carrying a camera was to take pictures of people when they least expected it or didn't want it.

In high school, I was that weird comic-book-hip-hop-nerd that had to have a camera at every single party! Unfortunately, I never had a "real" camera in my teens, and cellphones didn't take quality pictures then (sheez I'm old), which meant a lot of trips to Walgreens for disposables (sorry mother nature).
Every high school party, every basement hangout, I was annoying my friends by constantly taking pictures when they least expected it and forcing people to take selfies before the word selfie existed.

In my 20's, inspired by this little-new-unknown app called Instagram, I got my first digital camera and started doing street photography (shout out to my Canon Rebel). I was asked by a photography mentor to assist/second-shoot a wedding...and I was instantly hooked! I knew this was the passion career I had been looking for. I had spent my entire life taking candid pictures of my friends and loved ones, and now here's an opportunity to take that fearless talent and make a living out of it.

Since then, I have photographed an average of 40+ weddings a year, every year since 2012. From NYC to Key West and everywhere in between. From Puerto Rico to Cozumel and anywhere a plane/train/boat can take me. From 250+ guest weddings to courthouse elopements. From a Waldorf-Astoria to a parent's backyard. I've been lucky enough to document hundreds of wedding stories and have yet to outgrow this passion

• What kind of cameras do you and your studio use?

I'll try to not get too techy in this answer lol. I shoot with professional grade Canons and Fuji cameras. I won't name the specific camera models because I am a gear junky and always update my cameras when the new versions come out. Just know that I am currently brand loyal to Canon and Fuji, and I always have the most current and highest professional version of each brand. The same goes for my lenses, of which I have a ridiculous amount lol.

In addition to my cameras and lenses, I also have my professional lights and flashes, as well as consumer gadgets I like to play with when time allows on a wedding day.

My gear philosophy on a wedding day is: backups on backups. I always bring 3 to 4 camera bodies and all my lenses. So if any of my cameras start to act up, or if a kid runs by and knocks the camera off my hand (it's happened lol), I'll be ready with a backup.