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A Stress Free Experience for You

Why book me?

You may have just started your search or you've been searching for so long, dreaming up the day that will feel perfectly ‘you’. You can decide on settling for someone who will make your day feel like one long photoshoot. Not only taking pictures of you in a way that feels unauthentic, but also, basic. Only caring about the pictures and nothing else, leaving you feeling unsupported everywhere else.

You may already have a list of people, recommendations from your venue or family, who's work all look the same and will try to force you into a box they put all their couples in. Or worse, they aren't experienced enough to give you the peace of mind to trust that they know what they're doing, will capture all you want captured from your day, have plans for unpredicted obstacles, and won’t put their heart into your day.

Or, you could decide to make a true connection with someone who listens to what is important to you. Sees your relationship and wedding day for as unique as it is, in turn, giving you a personal unique experience throughout the entire process.

If you're feeling overwhelmed & confused and want to turn those feelings around, you’re in the right place. Make the right choice and get wedding experience you ACTUALLY want.

So excited you've made it this far!!! You have no idea how excited I get about this job and all the amazing couples I get to 'work' with!! I'm guessing you've made it to this page because you felt a connection to my work and that probably means we're going to be a perfect fit. 😎

To me, it doesn't matter where you're getting married, what your style is, or what your dress costs.I just care that you're f-cking hyped about marrying the love of your life and you're excited to have me as part of your wedding. That's when the magic happens.