Why Puerto Rico?

For starters, Puerto Rico is incredible!! An enchanted island with more than 300 miles of beaches, including the out-islands and cays, a tropical rainforest, mountains that stretch from the west coast to the east, caves, historical sites. It’s an amazing place to come and relax or to find an adventure. It has locations that feel remote and completely off the grid but no more than a 2-hour drive from luxury resorts, A+ restaurants, and nightlife.

Puerto Rico is stunning anytime of year. While the summer months can get as extremely warm as expected in the Caribbean, there’s almost always a breeze, especially in the mountains where the temperature can get in the low 50’s. November – February is my recommendation for best of the best time to get married there. But the weather is beach-vibes all year round. Just the ocassional rainstorm here and there.

If you’ve been dreaming of getting married with the most incredible views, you’ve come to the right place!

Selecting a Ceremony Location

This decision might be the most challenging. Puerto Rico is roughly 100 x 35 miles of gorgeous scenery that ranges from beaches, forests, caves, mountains, and even some southwest desert vibes. But not everything is accessible. Some beaches are privately owned by resorts, some mountain trails aren’t easy to find. So the decision of where to get married in Puerto Rico ultimately lies in personal preference of what kind of scenery you want, and then knowing where you can and cannot have your ceremony at.

After photographing many love stories in Puerto Rico, I realize I have a lot of say on this subject and in order to keep this section short, I’ve put together a list of all the locations I know about into a little guide. It’s organized based on what the scenery is like and what is nearby for accommodations and lodging. I included designated venues as well as public beaches, state parks and off the beaten path trails perfect for elopements. The great thing about Puerto Rico is that you have plenty of options, but you do want to plan ahead. And with so many stunning locations in PR, this list does not cover all of them, but I hope it’s a great starting off point!

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