Amanda and Clark | Wekiva Springs, FL

This engagement shoot turned out super cute and intimate because it felt like we had Wekiva Springs all to ourselves. We were in the more woodsy area of the park and it felt like something out of a movie. Super romantic and it helped set the mood for Amanda and Clark to get into character lol.

We met up in this forest looking area of Wekiva Springs and the first thing they do is apologize for being a little late because they stopped at the nearby gas station for some beer lol. And they brought me one! 😀 So after sharing a beer and catching up, we started with the pictures and as you’ll see below, these guys are just truly in love with each other and I just can’t wait for their wedding day!

The funnest part of the day…we went to one of the springs and there was a canoe in the water, tied up, but in the water, and nobody was around. We looked but couldn’t find anyone, so we borrowed the canoe for some dope shots Lol.

Said, the universe couldn’t keep us apart

Why would it even try?

-Mac Miller