Wedding at The Wanderers Club, Wellington FL

Jillian and Kenneth were one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever worked with. Jillian and I first started talking about their wedding thru Instagram DMs. She had browsed my feed and, because I make an effort to really show my personality on IG, she said she knew right away she wanted me to document their wedding day. ๐Ÿ˜€

At the time, they were doing the long-distance thing, Kenneth being away from Florida for work. Luckily, we were able to cross schedules and find a day to do their engagement shoot, which turned out awesome! But I was happy we got to do it because we really got to bond during the shoot, connecting on everything from music to geek culture. Which made the anticipation for their wedding day that much stronger.

Then the day finally came! The sun was out, no rain in the forecast, and The Wanderers Club was looking it’s best. They each got ready in the mens/ladies locker rooms of the country club, luckily I had Tessa with me so she was allowed to go into the ladies’ locker room Lol.

For their wedding, they decided on doing a First Look because they wanted to get the more formal pictures done before the ceremony so that they could enjoy the cocktail hour. Also, the ceremony was close to sunset which wouldn’t have allowed hardly any time to do pictures with daylight afterward. These are the situations in which I strongly recommend a First Look. If your ceremony is close to sunset, or if you want to enjoy part of the cocktail hour, both, or if you simply are nervous and you know that seeing each other and having a private moment, even if a few minutes, would take those nerves away, a First Look is the way to go. Not to mention that the “tradition” of its bad luck to see each other before the ceremony, dates back to arrange marriages (too many lords jumping in horses and running away Lol).

But, I also see the romance in waiting to see the bride for the first time walking down the aisle, so it’s purely personal. When it’s my turn to get married, I’m not sure which one I’ll do, traditional or first look. But, other than personal reasons for choosing one over the other, a big factor will be when will my wedding take place (spring/summer/fall/winter) and what time the ceremony starts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, back to our story lol. For Jillian and Kenneth’s first look, I found a cute spot that had good light but was also private, so that they could have their moment alone. Jillian’s mom eventually joined in lol, and we got to take some formal pictures but also fun ones.

Then the ceremony started and, as you’ll see below, it was a really emotional ceremony. Afterward, we did family pictures followed by intimate portraits. ย Another note about First Looks, I normally just do the formal pictures during the first look, ie: the posed, standing, holding the flowers, and smiling at the camera pictures that your parents will love lol.

I don’t do the more intimate pictures during the first look because I don’t want makeup or lipstick to rub off, or the dress to get a little dirty before the ceremony. BUT, from the moment the ceremony ends thru the end of the reception, if your lipstick has not rubbed off or if the bottom of your dress did not get at least a little dirty, you did your wedding wrong…in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰

After the intimate pictures during sunset, and some running around being silly pictures lol, we headed back to cocktail hour and then it was on to the party. And a party it truly was! You’ll see below all the emotions during the first dances and parent dances. You’ll also see that these guys had a blast! 100% fun the entire night, as it should be!

Venue: The Wanderers Club

wide side shot of kid playing pool dressed formally with a red pool table

groom fixing his jacket in mens locker room next to elephant sculpture

mom buttoning up the brides wedding dress facing a mirror

black and white mom fixing the brides wedding dress with mirror

ladies locker room bride checking dress in front of mirror

close up of bride curling her blonde hair

mother of the bride taking an iPhone picture of her daughter

groom waiting for his bride at first look location

front angle of groom patiently waiting for first look

black and white wide shot of bride and groom dancing being silly

happy dancing during first look

newlyweds jumping in air outside of wanderers club

miami wedding photography of bride and groom staring at each other

bride and groom pointing at the camera

bride trying to lick grooms face with groom pulling away

bride and groom formal portrait wide shot

table settings for the reception

groom walking down aisle smiling at camera

bride and father walking towards the ceremony

holding hands during ceremony

bride and groom heads touching praying together very intimate

angle from officiants view of bride and groom praying

bride and groom praying during ceremony foreheads touching

newlyweds first kiss

close up of first kiss with sunset in background

walking away from ceremony bride crying

wide shot of wanderes club during sunset

wide shot of bride with both her arms in the air holding bouquet

newlyweds running after ceremony

newlyweds posing in front of wanderes club

wide shot of bride and groom running into sunset empty golf course

close up of bride and groom running into wanderes club sunset

newlyweds running into sunset black and white

wedding cake and donuts at wanderers club

wedding table details wanderers club

romantic hugging during first dance

first dance bride and groom enticing crowd

first dance groom laughing at camera

mother son dance spinning

mom and bride crying during mother son dance

bride crying during first dance black and white

wanderers club bride crying getting ready to dance with dad

close up of bride wiping her tears from dads point of view

close up bride crying and hugging her father wanderers club

groom dancing silly wanderes club

mother and grandmother dancing during reception

guest partying dancing and laughing

bride hugging nephew

i do sign next to wedding donuts

bride and groom cutting cake wanderes club

newlyweds trying to share cake with hands

newlyweds kissing with cake in mouth

bride hands covered in cake making funny face at camera

bride throwing peace sign