Hello Potterheads!! As an annual passholder at both Universal Studios and Disney, I am always super excited to do photo shoots at the parks, and when Kelly and Josh contacted me about their wedding, it was no different.

Kelly and Josh were coming to Orlando from the UK with their four best friends for an elopement. They reached out to me because they saw that I had experience taking pictures of newly married couples, in their wedding outfits, at the crowded parks.

They were going to have their ceremony at the Hard Rock Resort where they were staying at, and afterwards they wanted to take pictures at Wizarding World of Harry Potter. My reply email was like YASSS! I’m all in!

The day started with the couple getting ready in separate rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel. Faces by Shannon was Kelly’s make up artist and we had a blast in the room while music videos played on the TV screen. We then went downstairs to head over to the ceremony site.

The ceremony took place in the wedding pavilion area of the Hard Rock Hotel property. The ceremony consisted of the bride and groom, their two groomsmen and bridesmaids, the officiant and myself. Super cute and intimate ceremony. Lots of emotions.

After they said “I do”, we walked around the property and took pictures in every cute area we could find, as we walked back to the hotel for their mini-reception. Their reception took place in one of the hotel’s event spaces and consisted of champagne toasts and speeches and eating wedding cake. No dancing or other formalities, just their best friends telling stories with champagne and cake.

After a few slices of cake and finishing the bottle of champagne, we were ready to go take the ferry to Universal Studios! We got in the park and headed straight for Harry Potter world. Once we were there, the photo shoot started. As you’ll see below, we got to take some amazing pictures at the most iconic places within the Wizarding World. Even though the park was crowded as it normally is, I didn’t have any trouble getting pictures of them alone. I’m not shy about kindly asking people to move or please wait.

One thing that I’ve said before and will continue to say about Universal Studios, they have an amazing staff! The people that work at Universal are always so happy and energetic when they see a newly married couple. I’ve never had anyone be even remotely rude or tell us we can’t take pictures, quite the opposite, they are always so happy and cheerful to us.

For example, you’ll see in the pictures below that when we got to Hogwarts Express, the conductor pulled the couple from the line and loudly announced that to everyone that Kelly and Josh had just gotten married and he got the entire crowd to applaud and cheer. 😀

When we got to Gringotts Wizarding Bank, we asked the staff member controlling the line if we could go inside quickly just for some pictures. Not only did he say “of course”, but he even escorted us inside and allowed us to go behind the ropes, where the public is not allowed to walk so that we could get even closer to the bank’s elves. I mean, that was above and beyond! And that’s how it’s always been every time I’m taking pictures of a bride and groom at Universal. The staff always goes above and beyond with the customer service and energy.

*Disclaimer: I don’t work for Universal nor do I receive any money from them by saying what I’m saying above Lol. It’s completely genuine. Unlike the “other” big Orlando theme park which also has a very kind staff, but they’ll sometimes kindly tell you “sorry you can’t take pictures here” because they charge for weddings there. 🙂

So, check out Kelly and Josh’s gorgeous and fun wedding pictures, and if you’re also wanting to take your wedding pictures, or general pictures with your loved one, at Universal Studios, hit me up! I have my annual pass and I’m ready! 😀

Coordinator: Just Marry Events
Venue: Hard Rock Hotel
Second Venue: Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Hair & Makeup: Faces by Shannon

hard rock resort hallway

bride getting ready room at hard rock

universal studios married pins

bride getting make up done at hotel room black and white

bride patiently waiting on bed

bride relaxing with feet on the bed

bride pouring champagne

bridesmaid helping bride zip up dress at hard rock resort

close up of bridesmaid zipping up bride's dress at hard rock resort

bride in hard rock resort bathroom putting on perfume

wide shot of bride and bridesmaids walking on bridge

close up of groom lovingly staring at his bride walking down isle

walking walking towards ceremony with grooms reaction

close up of bride and groom holding hands with officiant in background

wedding ceremony at hard rock resort

newlyweds first kiss at hard rock resort wedding

newly married congratulations

newly married couple walking and giggling

bridesmaids with bride

bridesmaids with bridal individual pictures

groomsmen with groom

bridal party walking on bridge in hard rock resort

black and white bridal party on bridge wearing sunglasses

lovingly sweet portrait of bride and groom

couple holding tightly in hard rock garden

newlyweds smiling walking into the reception

harry potter themed wedding cake white frosting

black and white bride hugging groom tightly and kissing him

bride hugging groom tightly over shoulders kissing him

close up of bride passionately kissing groom

bride smiling with champagne in hand

groomsmen toasting the couple

groom drinking champagne

wedding bridal party entering universal studios

newlyweds walking into kings cross

newlyweds kissing with gringotts drangon behind them

newlyweds hugging with gringotts dragon as the background

bride and groom watching gringotts dragon

husband and wife posing on hagrids motorcycle

close up of bride squeezing grooms face

groom shaking hands with gringotts security

newlyweds posing inside gringotts bank

newly married couple posing inside gringotts under chandelier

close up of one of the gringotts bankers

wedding bridal party in front of gringotts elf

newly married couple posing in front of gringotts elf

couple making funny faces in front of gringotts elf

newlyweds lovingly staring at each other in front of gringotts elf

groom hugging bride from behind at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

close up of groom squeezing bride at Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes

entrance to kings cross

hogwarts express conductor announcing the newlyweds to crowd

Hogwarts express conductor applauding newlyweds

hogwarts express conductor cheering with crowd

crowd at hogwarts express applauding the newly married couple

newlyweds posing in front of hogwarts express train

close up of newlyweds posing in front of hogwarts express train

couple in wedding attire walking towards hogwarts in universal studios

close up of newlyweds staring at each other with Hogwarts in background

groom hugging bride from behind with hogwarts castle in background

husband and wife in front of hogwarts castle

close up of very happy newlyweds in front of hogwarts castle

newlyweds in front of hogwarts castle

bridal party exiting island of adventure groom looking back smiling

newly married couple posing in front of universal studios globe