Matt + Kim | Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter


I’d like to share some background about this magical wedding! While the images tell Kim and Matt’s story, the context here is too cool not to share.

Matt and Kim got married at Universal Studios Orlando. Yes, that Universal Studios, right on the bridge between The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Jurassic Park. 🙂

When Kim inquired with me, she mentioned that it was going to be a very, very small wedding, just close friends and family, and that afterwards, they wanted to walk around Universal Studios for pictures. Just a fun day at the parks with a wedding sprinkled in, and I, of course, was all in! I’m all about doing something different. 🙂

The day went just as planned. The bride’s sister did a short ceremony and they got hitched right on the bridge! It was perfect! But then, right after the “I Do’s”, a security guard showed up…

Now normally, you’d get approval for this sort of thing on park property, so I honestly got scared that maybe we were going to get kicked out. But instead, he walked over and congratulated the couple. We were glad to be in the clear, but then it got even better! The security guard gave us a VIP escort through the park, and even straight onto some of the rides so that we wouldn’t have to wait in line. He’s known in the park as “Steve the Stache,” and you’ll see him below in some of the pictures. Everywhere we went, he introduced the newlyweds to Universal staff and explained how they had just gotten married right on the bridge. Every single person we interacted with was so happy for them, and it made the day that much more magical. I had to mention Steve the Stache because his effort went a long way in making this day so awesome.

So, enjoy the pictures below, and remember kids, when planning your wedding…do whatever you want 🙂

And thank you Universal Studios for being so cool!!!


close up of Calvin and Hobbes comic strip brides dress hanging on bed frame bride doing her makeup in the hotel bathroom mirror mother of the bride grabbing wedding dress from bed frame brides mom holding wedding dress father of the bride smiling at camera sitting on a couch mother and sister of the bride helping her put her dress on close up of bride putting on her dress close up of bride putting on her dress with sister in background laughing bride and her sister laughing and hugging father of the bride staring at her daughter entrance to island of adventures bride and her sister walking thru island of adventures entrance to hogsmeade bride and her father walking on Universal Studios bridge newlyweds meeting for first time on universal studios bridge groom hugging wife wearing sunglasses Hogwarts in the background ceremony begins on universal studios bridge Jurassic Park in background sister officiating bride laughing hugging her soon to be husband bride laughing next to groom, sister officiating the ceremony wide shot of wedding ceremony on universal studios bridge hogwarts in background close up bride laughing groom looking and smiling at camera bride and groom holding Calvin and Hobbes comic strip bride and groom reading Calvin and Hobbes comic strip grooms dad taking a picture with small camera bride and groom smiling at each other hogwarts castle in the background bride putting ring on grooms finger groom putting ring on brides finger bride with her hands up applauding and celebrating they are now married newlyweds first kiss on universal studios bridge with hogwarts castle in the background