Travel | First Visit to Denver, CO

Three months we’ve been dating. That’s a milestone nowadays. Within those three months, we had already gone thru a lot of milestone moments all couples should ‘survive’ thru to see if this thing is really going to work. The one thing we had not done yet was, take a vacation with plane travel. That’s a big step for me. Many short-lived relationships in the past did not survive this test. I”m not exactly the most pleasant person on days of plane travel. The whole process of it, wondering if my bag is over 50lbs, is the security line going to be crazy, will there be a delay, who is going to sit next to me, please not the guy that can’t stop coughing, please not the parents that let their kids play iPad games at full volume no headphones, etc etc. The whole thing just gives me anxiety lol. I get thru it by making extra effort to keep a positive attitude and loud music thru my airpods.

So, this was going to be a big milestone. And I’m happy to say that we more than survived, it brought us closer together! Our first 4 hour plane ride!

The purpose of this trip was purely for vacation. We had both looked at our calendars and realized that this weekend was going to be our only wedding-free weekend for the next 5 months or so. And, it had been over a decade since I had seen snow, so we were hoping that we’d get some snow action. And did we!! Just hours before our plane landed, a big snowstorm had passed by Denver, leaving the city covered. We had landed in the evening and could not wait for the morning to see all the white snow. It did not disappoint, and neither did Denver as a city. I absolutely loved it, so many local breweries and restaurants, live music, etc. We had such a blast.

Enjoy our visual Denver story thru a mix of iPhone and camera pics.

view of a Denver street stop sigh with church in background

iPhone picture outside of Den Rec cannabis store

Ector blowing out smoke cannabis friendly wedding photographer

Ector laughing wearing white shirt and grey Gucci scarf

close up of Tessa on Denver street snow everywhere

wide shot of Tessa on Denver street wearing timberlands and Gucci scarf

Tessa and Ector hugging and laughing on Denver street

Ector standing on snowy road wearing all saints jacket and Gucci scarf

Ector laughing standing on snow wearing timberlands and long black jacket

Ector making bird sign wearing long black jacket

close up of Ector smiling wearing Gucci logo scarf and long black jacket

Tessa wearing long grey all-saints jacket in front of pink wall

Tessa standing in front of cute house covered in snow

close up of destination wedding videographer Tessa Ling

Ector and Tessa smiling at camera wearing all back in front of red wall

Tessa and Ector hugging in front of red wall wearing all black

nighttime picture of Tessa in downtown Denver

iPhone picture of Tessa and Ector at red rocks

selfie of Tessa and Ector at red rocks amphitheater

Tessa standing on snowy steps at red rocks

selfie of Ector and Tessa kissing at red rocks

high view of red rocks covered in snow

Tessa with view of snow covered mountains

selfie of Ector and Tessa with snow covered mountain in background

view of snow covered red rocks hiking trail

wide shot of Tessa and Ector with mountains in background

cannabis friendly wedding vendors Ector Javier and Tessa Ling