Intimate Elopement at Cueva Del Indio, Puerto Rico

Micheal & Javi

Like many others, Michael and Javi had originally planned a BIG wedding in Puerto Rico with 150+ guests and all local vendors. When Covid-19 hit, they knew they would need to change plans and they handled it with grace. That’s one of the first things I noticed about these guys when I first met them, how easygoing and genuinely happy they were just to be with each other.

So, when their wedding couldn’t happen the way they planned, they decided they didn’t want to wait. They got married at their original wedding venue overlooking the island, while all of their loved ones watched via zoom.

When their original wedding date rolled around, they knew they wanted to spend the day celebrating their love and each other so they reached out to me via Instagram to set up an intimate elopement shoot.

We decided on Cueva del Indio in Arecibo, Puerto Rico for the location. This location is unbeatable for a few reasons:

  1. Cueva del Indio literally translates to Cave of Indians. These are some of the oldest caves in all of Puerto Rico. The Taino Indians held tribal meetings here and made numerous carvings in the walls of these natural limestone caves – some of which you can still see today and date all the way back to 1200-1500 AD!
  2. The beautiful ocean views. Arecibo is located on the North Side of the island but once you climb the rocks you will have a stunning view of the sunset due to the elevation.
  3. The calm, warm waters of the natural tide pools that form alongside the rocks. The beaches surrounding this area are some of the most amazing on the island, in my opinion.

We started at the center of the rocks, where all the caves are, so that Michael and Javi could help each other get dressed. It was a stunning “get ready” spot!

The two of them then headed up to a higher rock, to spend a few private moments reminiscing on their love for each other while they watched the ocean crash against the rock formations.

When we were done with the romantic part of the day, Michael and Javi put on some bathing suits and went for a swim as we watched the sun dip behind the rocks and paint the sky with gorgeous colors.

A perfect day in Puerto Rico.

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