Engagement Photos at Perez Art Museum, Miami FL

Kryzia & Wanberto

I was excited about Kryzia and Wanberto’s engagement session! Not just because we chatted it up so great before the shoot, but also because it had been what felt like almost a year since I had done an engagement session in the heart of Miami. My most recent South Florida sessions had been mostly in the Fort Lauderdale area, the beach, or further south in Homestead. It had been a good while since I had been in Miami/Miami.

So was excited to be back, especially where they chose to have the engagement session at, the Perez Art Museum Miami. It had a personal significance to them, and I hadn’t shot at the PAMM in years, so it was a perfect choice!

From the moment they showed up, I KNEW this was going to be a fun session. They arrived well dressed with margaritas in hand and super giggly :). Off to a great start. Just made my work easier. They showed up ready to be all-loving on each other, I was just there to direct them and snap some pictures, lmao.

After we finished at the PAMM, we took some sunset pictures at Hobie Island Beach Park. Could not have pictured (no pun) a better way to end the shoot than with some fun sunset pictures on the beach.

I love Miami!



newly engaged couple smiling at the camera with Miami water in the background newly engaged couple hugging with Miami waters in the background couple facing each other kissing Miami water in the background him wearing a grey suit, she's wearing a blue dress, holding hands facing each other couple facing each other holding hands foreheads touching close up of couple hugging, him kissing her on the cheek couple with arms around each other laughing, Biscayne bay water in the background couple with arms around each other him kissing her on the cheek and Biscayne bay couple standing on steps of the PAMM with sculpture and palm trees in background his got his arms around her waist, she has hers around his shoulders at pamm steps couple standing on museum steps hugging close up of couple walking down museum steps walking towards camera newly engaged couple posing for camera between rows of trees in downtown Miami engaged couple holding each other her hands on his chest between rows of trees engaged couple staring lovingly at each other with Miami buildings in background engaged couple standing on rail overlooking the Perez art museum Miami engaged couple standing by pamm rails staring at each other  couple staring at the view from the rails of the museum, he is kissing her cheek engaged couple facing each other foreheads touching at the pamm museum couple sitting on metal swings from the Perez art museum Miami couple siting on metal swing she's looking at the camera, he's looking at her man picking up his new fiancé in front of big wooden wall engaged couple wearing white loose clothing walking on the sands engaged couple wearing white clothing at Hobie island beach park view of Hobie island beach park with couple in the middle holding hands couple walking together at Hobie island beach park laughing couple laughing and walking with arms around each other at Hobie island beach couple walking holding hands and holding shoes on other hands on the beach engaged couple walking on beach during sunset overlooking Miami couple holding each other tightly on Hobie island beach with Miami in background shot overlooking man's shoulder holding his fiances hands as she smiles at him close up of girl with her arms around her fiancé at the beach couple running on the beach, he is jumping in the air with excitement engaged couple, he is behind her hugging her, both are laughing