Orchid Garden Wedding || Orlando, FL

The story of how Ashley/Marcelo and I connected is unique. Their wedding was originally taking place in Guatemala but then less than two months from their scheduled wedding day, the country’s political climate was shaken very badly and it was not looking like it was safe to travel there. Ashley inquired with me and explained their situation of still wanting to go thru with the wedding but now having to move it to Orlando with very little short time. I was instantly emotionally invested after reading their story. I was happy that in such short notice I had the date available and I couldn’t wait to reply with the good news.

We quickly connected on our first phone call and it was a match! We met in person about two weeks later for a mini-photoshoot before the wedding day. Even if it’s not a traditional engagement shoot, I always try to schedule a meeting with all my couples to do at least a short practice shoot, like a photo-rehearsal before the wedding. Helps with the awkwardness of being in front of the camera on their wedding day if we’ve already done it once before lol.

In what felt like a blink, the wedding day arrived! Ashley and Marcelo got ready at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Orlando and took a private bus over to their church, Saint James Catholic Cathedral. The entire day was leading up this with so much emotion. During the getting ready portion of their day, it was all laughs and tears. The ceremony was not much different lol. This was a wedding in which every friend and family member was truly present and spiritually, as well as loudly, cheering them on.

After the ceremony and family pictures at the church, we were transported to their reception venue for pictures around the building before the guests arrived. Their reception venue was Orchird Garden, which made taking pictures easy because their property is so easy to photograph 🙂 After some formal and intimate pictures, we all took a short break to prepare ourselves for the party ahead.

The reception was one heck of a party!! From the intros to the emotionally charged first dance, even more emotions during the parent dances, all the way to the grand send off. One continuous good time. Especially when the Hora-Loca started, that’s when it got wild, as you’ll see below. So much fun!

Although it was a tragedy and a lot of stress that brought us together, I’m so happy to have been able to meet Ashley and Marcelo, and have had the privilege to party with their loved ones 🙂

Getting Ready: Embassy Suites Downtown Orlando
Church: Saint James Catholic Cathedral
Reception: Orchid GardenSaint James Catholic Cathedral
Coordinator: Caitlin Jones,Plan It Event & Design
Flowers: In Bloom Florist
DJ: FyerFly
Hair and Makeup: Makeover Station
Hora Loca Entertainment: Spirit of Samba

brides dress hanging on embassy suites balcony

bridesmaids taking selfies in their robes

bridesmaids looking at selfies on phone

grooms details overhead shot

brides dad opening gift

brides dad showing off gift

bride hugging her mom

mom and sister helping bride zip up dress

bride crying grooms mom reading note

bride and mother in law hugging smiling

bride and mother in law hugging overhead shot

sister wiping tears off bride

mom and sister helping bride put on shoes

sneaky shot from other room of bride putting on shoes

embassy suites view of lake Eola

groom overlooking balcony

bride walking towards father for first look

first look dad turns around and sees daughter

bride hugging her father

bride and father holding hands on balcony

close up bride and father hugging

grooms father fixing grooms bowtie

father helping groom put on jacket

mother reading emotional note to groom

dad fixing grooms bowtie

groom escorting mother down aisle

wide father and bride begin to walk down aisle

close up of groom smiling waiting on his new bride

father and bride walking down aisle dad looking at her

dad pulls off brides veil

dad gives away daughter

bride and groom praying on their knees

newlyweds first kiss at church altar

wide picture groom kissing brides forehead on church altar

newlyweds start to walk down church aisle

newlyweds walking down church aisle

newlyweds posing in front of church altar

wider shot of bridal party on church altar

bridal party posing on church altar

bridal party posing in front of wooden church doors

bridal party laughing posed in front of wooden church doors

bridal party exiting church in Downtown Orlando

bridal party walking laughing on sidewalk

bride posing with bridesmaids wearing blue dresses holding flowers

bride and bridesmaids sassy posing smiling at camera

bride and bridesmaids close together laughing

groomsmen hugging in front of wooden church doors

groomsmen outside of wooden church doors

bridal party on party bus taking selfies

newlyweds in the back of a bus kissing

dark moody picture of bride looking out window with groom

moody picture of bride looking out window groom behind her

close up of bride looking down holding flowers groom behind her

bride and groom holding hands sitting on red velvet couch

newlyweds posing in hallway of ballroom at church street

newlyweds posing looking at camera in long moody hallway

wide shot of bride and groom hugging in moody hallway

bride and groom hugging in dark hallway

overhead shot of bride with arms over grooms shoulders kissing

bride and groom in front of orchid garden fountain

wide shot of newlyweds posing in front of orchid garden fountain

close up of bride and groom with foreheads together

newlyweds posing at orchid garden with brick floor and walls

bride and groom posing on brick garden with fountain

bride and groom alone on orchid garden balcony

long table shot of wedding table settings

wedding table settings orchid garden

long picture of newlyweds on stairs dress draped on steps

black and white newlyweds hugging at orchid garden

newlyweds on balcony smiling at cheering crowd

newlyweds kissing on orchid garden balcony during reception

newlyweds getting introduced into reception

newlyweds hugging middle of dance floor during first dance

wide shots of first dance at orchid garden

wide balcony shot of first dance bride and groom holding hands

dad giving a toast to crowd at orchid garden

groom holding up speeches at orchid garden

view of bridal table at orchid garden

mother-son dance mom wearing blue dress

father spinning bride during father-daughter dance

other angle of dad spinning bride

dad hugging bride during father-daughter dance

bride and groom singing to each other guests dancing

bridesmaids dancing hands up black and white

bride and older relative dancing low

photos of guests sitting at tables

bride dancing holding drink

bride dancing snapping fingers holding drink

guests laughing and dancing

orchid garden wedding overhead shot of entire crowd looking up

hora loca begins dancers with red and white feathers

hora loca guests cheering

hora loca dancer in red feathers cheering

bride and groom wearing masquerade masks

newlyweds together bride dancing hands in air masquerade mask on head

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