Rehearsal Dinner at OLV Hotel Rooftop, Condado, Puerto Rico

Sofia + Carlos

The start of Sofia and Carlos’ wedding week.

The pandemic forced their plans to change about 4 times. What started out as a huge 200 person wedding changed to a more intimate guest list of less than 30 people. Their Plan B fell through when their request for a backyard wedding was denied by the government. They had only 2 weeks to replan everything once again due to the new dry laws put into effect that would not allow for their guests to drink at their Saturday wedding. Thus, this gorgeous rehearsal dinner was born.

On Thursday, all of Sofia and Carlos’ guests met on the rooftop of OLV hotel at sunset to eat and drink and dance and celebrate their love before the big day. They had a saxophone player and hundreds of red roses lining the property. It was like a pre-wedding reception and I loved every minute of it.

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