Brooklyn Elopement at Grand Ferry Park

Lauren + Layne’s Elopement Story:

What can I say about these two amazing souls? We hit it off from the first moment they contacted me about their wedding elopement in Brooklyn. It was an instant connection over our opinions on what a wedding truly is: two people making a promise to each other, with witnesses or not, and then a celebration. They were not into the idea of a big party and instead opted for a smaller wedding comprised of just the closest of their close friends and family. They told me their tentative plans of just walking down to a nearby park, having an informal ceremony by someone with the-power-vested-in-them to officiate, followed by brunch at a nearby neighborhood restaurant. Their passion and authenticity had me like, “I’m all in!”

And the wedding day was just that! Intimate and close, chill, and fun. We started in the 8 am hour at their Brooklyn apartment where they were getting ready together. When I arrived, Layne had just got back from picking up their specialty doughnuts from Dough, for the reception, so the apartment smelled of sweet freshly fried awesomeness…yum!

It was quiet in the apartment as they got ready. No music, you could hear peaceful morning sounds of an urban neighborhood yet to have fully woken up. We discussed the plans of the day and mostly talked Star Wars the entire time. We had a difference of opinion The Last Jedi and I couldn’t believe they hadn’t watched The Clone Wars nor Rebels lol.

Once finished, we grabbed our bags, donut boxes, and called a Lyft. We arrived at the restaurant shortly before 10 am where we met up with what would be their wedding ceremony guests. After dropping off our stuff and a rollcall of whose supposed to be there, we all started walking down to Grand Ferry Park, which is now expanded and re-branded to Domino Park.

We arrived and luckily it was not too crowded for a typical Williamsburg Saturday morning. We found a cute spot for everyone to gather around and began the ceremony officiated by a good friend of theirs. It was short and sweet, and in a few minutes, they were married!

After a lot of cheering and hugging, we took family pictures, did portraits near the water overlooking the Williamsburg Bridge, and then we all walked back together to the restaurant to continue with the festivities.

When we arrived, there were even more friends and family there waiting on us, only a select few witnessed the ceremony. Everyone was so happy, the entire room was filled with cheers, congratulations, and well wishes. Everyone took their seats followed by toasts as the food was being brought out.

A quick side note I have to mention…this is probably the best vendor meal I’ve ever had! Thank you Aurora! They treated me to the same three-course brunch that the guests were enjoying and it was fantastic. There was the delicious bread which to be honest it’s so good, it’s worth going back there just for the bread! No lie. With the bread came an egg dish with vegetables and oatmeal; each with their own unique flavorful twist. I was stuffed and so happy!

The rest of the afternoon consisted of Lauren and Layne mingling with their loved ones, catching up and discussing future plans with friends, and me also minging like a guest taking sneaky candid pictures. This is where my years spent as a hobbyist street photography really pay off. This is my element, documentary photography. 😀

Elopement Vendors:

Ceremony: Grand Ferry Park
Reception: Aurora BK
Flowers: Sweet Talk Floral
Donuts: Dough

Elopement Pictures:

grooms details on bed R2D2 socks and Star Wars cufflinks overhead picture of groom putting on R2D2 socksbride sitting putting on make up groom next to her fixing his tiegroom sitting on couch bride at her makeup stationdress hanging on window with back lightgroom zipping up bride's dressgroom fixing bottom of brides dress and she's looking back at himbride looking to her side at herself in the mirror groom behind her helpingbride fixing her bracelet groom behind her watching her in the wall mirroroverhead shot of bride putting on her shoesfull body bride putting on her shoes sittingview from front seat of bride getting in the car black leather seatsblack and white bride holding flowers getting out of car Brooklyn streetbride entering restaurant green covered walls wooden doorscouple walking on sidewalk street corner white wall Williamsburg written in yellowcouple facing each other officiant in middle view of Brooklyn bridgeclose up of couple holding flowers during ceremony Williamsburg bridgewide of entire ceremony scene bride laughing Williamsburg bridge viewclose up of first kiss with water in the backgroundblack and white crowd cheering bride looking back holding up her flowersblack and white close up of newlyweds noses touching holding flowersclose up of newlyweds bride laughing water and rocks in backgroundnewlyweds posing near water Williamsburg bride and NYC skyline in backgroundimmediate family picture near water newlyweds in the middle newlyweds hugging arms around waist and shoulders water in backgroundnewlyweds crossing the street Williamsburg painted wall in backgroundentrance to restaurant green walls wooden doors sign written in chalk says I love you I knowsign on restaurant door saying "we are closed for a private event" cute newlywed drawingtable settings and centerpiece wooden table and chairs inside restaurant looking out at all the wedding guests thru windows covered in vinesinside looking out thru vine covered windows newlyweds in middle looking at each otherinside looking thru windows back of newlyweds sitting at their table groom kissing her cheekwooden table with plates each with different kinds of colorful donutsoverhead of wooden table five plates with five different colorful doughnutsnewlyweds hugging and kissing in front of green leaf covered wallwedding guests inside aurora mingling holding drinksclose up of three wedding guests two women older man in the middle laughingbride and friend posing in front of brick wall other friend taking a cell phone pictureoutside looking in, older lady wearing black dress and red blazer resting on the doorwedding guests sitting on wooden table lady blowing bubblesclose up of guests sitting older man blowing bubblesside shot of table older man and older woman with red blazer blowing bubblesblack and white close up of bridal table groom laughing with best mangroom and family members cheering and taking a shotbride wearing cowboy hat posing with older male family memberwedding guests inside aurora mingling laughing hardnewlyweds sitting on wooden bench inside restaurant laughing at camera concrete wallnewlyweds sitting on wooden bench bride laughing with her face on grooms chestmoody lighting room corner brick and concrete wall newlyweds sitting and huggingclose up of newlyweds sitting on wooden bench hugging foreheads touchingblack and white groom kissing bride on her forehead sitting on wooden benchinside looking outside vine covered windows newlyweds in middle window hugging



I absolutely love these! Ahh! Purple, so pretty!