Mills50 Engagement Photos || Orlando, FL


This is was such a fun engagement shoot! From the very first email to start scheduling the session, Novanna knew she wanted to do at least some pictures inside of a record store, specifically Remix Records becuase it was one of their frequent record shopping stops. And luckly for us, Remix Records is in the Mills 50 District area of Orlando, which is in my opinion, the more artsy section of Orlando. It has great restaurants, small shops, and almost every building is covered in art and color. It’s an area of Orlando pulsing with culture and creativity.

So, we’re going to have to go far to get cute pictures outside of the record store. But, we did have an issue, in typical Florida fashion, out of nowhere, it started raining! We were forced to start the session inside the record store and hope that the weather would clear up enough to get some pictures outside.

But the rain did not dampen the vibes at all. We sat and chatted for a little bit, laughed about the weather and then started taking pictures.

And then, all of a sudden, after about 30 minutes of hanging and shooting, some of the rain clouds cleared out, giving us the opportunity to quickly go outside and take some natural light pictures becuase the clouds come back. Whiiiiich they did! The weather allowed us to be outside for about 15 minutes before the rain slowly started making it’s way back. It actually started raining during one of the last set of pictures in this post, to which I caught some great natural reactions Lol! See if you can spot them 🙂

We then sought shelter under a closed down gas station, opened up our umbrellas, took a few more pictures and said our goodbyes.

This session was one for the books that I’ll always remember!