Andrea + Ivan | Lake Ivanhoe, Mennello Museum, Orlando FL

What can I say about Andrea and Ivan’s shoot that is not apparent in the pictures, other than the shoot took place at 9 am on Lake Ivanhoe and finished at the Mennello Museum Sculpture Garden. They wanted to showcase their love for board games and a tradition they have of visiting a distillery in every city they visit. To incorporate that into the shoot, and Ivan being originally from Russia, they brought out some Russian cognac not available here in the states for pictures, along with their chess pieces. We all got a wee-bit tipsy during the shoot 🤷‍♂️ Multiple takes of “Okay, let’s do the cheers again” will do that. To be honest, I might have done it on purpose 🙈

Let me just say to all future couples, starting an engagement shoot at 9am with drinks of rare Russian cognac is a-okay with me 👌😆 Aaand, as the pictures below prove, I’m perfectly capable of having a drink or three early in the morning and still perform 📷💪 Shout out to Ivan for twisting my arm into joining in on the morning buzz.