Giada and Dan were so much fun to ‘work’ with! From the beginning when they reached out to me via Instagram, to our first phone call, their engagement session, and especially the wedding day, they were such a joy and the connection between them was so easy to see.

Their wedding took place at the dreamy Estancia Culinaria farm, with all the rustic vibes 🙂 Everything took place at the venue, so no need for driving, which is a great advantage. I feel like that’s a big factor when choosing a venue! Dont just see the ceremony site and the reception space, ask to see the bridal getting ready suites. Not that it needs to be cute, but somethign to consider if you’re gonna want pictures in a dark getting ready room with no windows or a hotel room and driving to the venue in your dress.

At Estancia Culinaria, the bride and groom’s getting space is dope, as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Giada and Dan chose to do a First Look because their ceremony was close to sunset which meant we were not going to have a lot of time for daylight pictures afterward. Their first look was super cute, I found a side of the barn that had great light and also privacy so they could have their moment. When doing First Looks, I always make sure to find place that allows the couple those few minutes to themselves while I hang back and take pictures from a distance. It makes the exprience that much more unique and I get to capture all the feels lol.

The cermeony site at this venue is gouuuuurgeous! As you’ll see below. Gourgeous ceremony and very emotional.

We were able to catch the final minutes before the sun went down for some intimate portraits and then it was time to party! They partied and partied under the white linen tent until it was time to say goodbye to the evening with an epic sparkler exit.


Planner: Jackie Cerna from Zeta Entertainment
Venue: Estancia Culinaria
DJ: Zeta Entertainment
Caterer: Brusketta Italian Caffe

estancia culinaria barn horse and carriage

bride's wedding boots and details on a couch

brides dress hanging on estancia culinaria's main house window

bride getting make up and hair done next to double door windows

bridesmaids wearing red and black flannel shirts, all laughing

bridesmaids lined up and smiling at camera all wearing red and black flannel shirts

mom helping bride putting on her dress at estancia culinaria

mom helping bride put on her wedding cowboy boots

close up of bride laughing sitting on couch

groom standing outside with harsh sunlight in front of wooden barn doors

groom putting on sunglasses in front of double wooden doors

two children wearing suits posing for camera

groomsmen walking across farm

groomsmen lined up on barn stairs posing for camera

groomsmen posing for camera wearing sunglasses

man and two children playing cards

groom sitting smiling opening his wedding gifts

overhead shot of groom opening his gifts

groom waiting in front of barn for his bride during first look

bride walking down path towards the first look

bride and groom about to hug, both look very happy

bride and groom posing with foreheads touching in front of farm house

close up of bride holding her bouquet while smiling to the side

bridesmaids lined up posing for camera all holding flowers

bridesmaids all laughing looking at each other

bridal party all lined up laughing with each other

groom posing with parents smiling at camera

bride's parents helping her put on her veil

estancia culinaria ceremony site, house covered in green with Spanish tile

groom and his mother walking down the aisle during ceremony

bride arriving to ceremony on horse carriage

bride getting down from horse carriage

bride and father walking down aisle

groom smiling hard waiting for bride walking down aisle

wide view of ceremony bride and groom holding hands at the altar