Jillian + Kenneth | Downtown Orlando Engagement

Their Engagement Session Story

I was so excited to finally meet Jillian and Kenneth for their engagement session. Jillian found me on Instagram, sent me a DM, and from there we built a great social media friendship. I could tell from her replies to my posts/stories, and her own posts/stories that this was going to be a fun session and fun wedding!

On the day of their photo shoot, we met up at a coffee shop in the Downtown Orlando area which is where we decided to do all the pictures. We explored the downtown streets looking chasing the pretty light and finding cool walls or backgrounds, all improvised. Honestly, this is my favorite way to shoot. I just like to explore and go with the flow, no preconceived ideas, just flow. I’m confident that I can make any location look good, all we need is to find the pretty light. My images are also more focused on the couple anyways and their vibes with each other. And I can capture that with good or bad light, in any location 😉

Downtown Orlando has a lot to offer for a great pictures. It’s one of the oldest parts of the city, so most of the buildings have character and each time I do a photo shoot here, I find a new and unique way to look at the city.

I had such a great time with Jillian and Kenneth! Walked around taking pictures, making jokes and discussing Marvel movies.

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