Downtown Orlando Engagement Photos || FL


First, I have to start by saying that the title is not a typo, Taylor is both their first names. 🙂 They’re… The Taylors

For their engagement pictures, we decided to start off by meeting at a coffee shop for a quick hang out before the shoot, to ease the nerves. Up to this point, we had only communicated thru DMs, texts, and emails. This was our first time meeting in-person, and with these kinds of photo sessions, I always like to meet first somewhere where we can sit and talk at least for a 5-10 minutes. Catch up, ask about the wedding planning, “are you excited for Avengers: Endgame?”, “what are you guys getting into after the shoot”, etc.

I just like to have a chat and some laughs before starting the session because it helps to shake off those jitters, release some of the awkwardness of being in front of camera, and allows you the client be more relax from the very start of the shoot. 🙂

So that’s what we did, talked about how the wedding planning was going, talked about movies, our Star Wars tattoos and where they were going to dinner after the shoot. To which I gave my reccomendation of Santiago’s Bodega. Love that place! 😋

Anywhos. We then proceeded to tour the neighborhood surrouding Downtown Credo. They did not have a particular place in Orlando that they wanted to go to for pictures, they’re only request was no beaches and no parks/nature. They had these pictures done before lol, this time they wanted more of an “urban” look, which is why I had them meet me downtown. Smart.

So, I assured them that neighborhood around Downtown Credo Coffee was pretty we’d have no problem finding cute backdrops. They trusted me and off we went to explore. I know I’ve said this before, but, in case this is your first time here, I love to improvise my engagement sessions. Improvise in the sense of I dont go into it with a set of pictures I’m going to do. Like, if I’m somewhere familiar, somewhere I’ve shot before, then I have my go-to spots within that place but, I love when I’m somewhere new and we’re just creating as we go.

I basically look for the pretty light and interesting backgrounds. I always say to my clients, and to myself, I can shoot anywhere.

I’m never worried about doing at shoot or wedding somewhere I’ve never been before because, it does not take me long to distinguish between pretty/ugly light, and find interesting backgrounds.

This sessions was no exception. We walked around a neighborhood I was not completely familiar with, and took some super cute and fun pictures. I had an awesome time hanging with The Taylors!