Engagement Session at Brooklyn’s Domino Park

The Engagement Session Story

For Frank and Brittani’s engagement pictures, we decided to do them at Domino Park in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn because Frank’s firehouse, where he serves the community as a fireman, is nearby. I was excited to photograph here because it’s a new park, this area was all under construction last year, and I knew we’d get some stunning views of the Williamsburg Bridge and the Manhattan skyline.

But, there was a catch. In order to get these breathtaking views without having to move around a crowd, we decided to do the photo shoot at the crack of dawn. Which ended up being the best decision! This my advice for any couple wanting those iconic New York City picture, in order to avoid the crowds, we should be at those locations before the tourists wake up.

At 7 am, the sun was just beginning to rise and because the park’s views are facing west, the sun was rising behind the buildings, so we weren’t immediately hit with harsh sunlight. The light was perfectly soft and the overcast also softened the background light which made the Manhattan skyline look amazing for the pictures.

And even though it was so early, we had an amazing time! In thanks to their amazing personalities and good coffee. Frank and Brittani were super troopers and brought all the love vibes with them to the shoot.

Check out their Engagement Pictures below

man wearing red shirt, woman wearing army jacket and glassed with NYC in the back couple facing each other touching foreheads with Williamsburg Bridge in background wide view guy kissing fiancé on her cheek with Williamsburg Bridge in the background couple touching foreheads very intimate couple facing and smiling at each other her hands around his shoulder romantic close up of of couple, her arms around his shoulder, foreheads touching closeup of guy kissing fiancé on the cheek as she is laughing wide view of couple hugging and view of manhattan skyline and Williamsburg Bridge couple looking and smiling at each other in between industrial barrels at domino park close up of guy kissing her on the cheek in between two tall barrels close up of intimate couple touching foreheads and holding hands, both smiling close up of couple touching foreheads holding hands and laughing intimate close up of couple touching foreheads with guys face hidden couple intimately hugging in domino park close up of man hugging woman from behind and kissing her cheek at domino park engagement picture of man hugging woman from behind at domino park engagement picture of man hugging woman and smiling at her from behind close up of guy hugging woman from behind, she is laughing looking at camera man hugging woman from behind both laughing with Williamsburg bride in background engagement picture of couple in the middle with the Williamsburg bride in background couple walking together holding hands with Williamsburg bride and water in background guy passionately kissing woman with his arms around her waist couple with arms around each other touching foreheads in front of brick wall close up of couples holding hands showing off her engagement ring