Travel | New Orleans Roadtrip Wedding Weekend

Tessa and Madi (aka ReelFeels ) had a wedding in New Orleans which turned into a couple’s road trip. We rented an SUV and drove from Orlando to the Big Easy, which took about 10 hours with one lunch break and a handful of bathroom stops. I was the only one that had been to New Orleans before, it was everyone’s first time.

Day 1, it rained…and rained…and rained. So we did not get to explore much. We pretty much barhopped around the French Quarter.

Day 2, we got to explore some more. We found and tasted some every cool vegan restaurant in New Orleans. I’m not vegan, but both Tessa and Madi are, and it was a bit of challenge to find vegan-friendly food, being the south and all. Me, I enjoyed all the food New Orleans had to offer. We ended the second day by going to the wedding rehearsal dinner which was also a crawfish boil. That was delicious!!

Day 3 the girls had their wedding and the boys had a day off to explore on our own, which for me meant visiting every record store I fit in one day. Their wedding had a second line and everything which was amazing, we got to join in. And then after the wedding, we started our drive back to Florida. We decided to leave that night and split the trip up into two days this time.

Check out our visual story below. A mix of iPhone and camera pictures

rainy view of New Orleans building

Tessa and Madi sitting on a purple couch inside a bar

selfie of Tessa and Ector inside New Orleans bar

more selfies of Tessa and Ector inside bar

close up of door sign that says positive magic only please

Madi and Tessa dancing in the rain in the French quarter

wide shot of Tessa in alley holding umbrella looking to the side

Tessa with sunglasses holding umbrella in Nola alley

Tessa and Ector in French quarter both wearing hats

close up full body of Tess and Ector in French quarter

Tessa and Ector sitting on house steps holding drinks

close up of Ector standing holding drink on green steps and red door

Tessa and Madi laughing with French quarter in background

wide shot of Tessa and Madi with French quarter in background

Ector and Tessa with French quarter in background wearing Gucci belt

close up of Ector and Tessa laughing out of focus French quarter in back

iPhone wedding picture