Intimate Wedding in NYC Central Park’s Cop Cot

Kailyn and John’s Wedding Story:

When I arrived at Kailyn’s room at the Park Lane Hotel, she was dressed and ready to go. She had been so nervous the entire morning that she got fully ready before I had even arrived, even though we were supposed to do ‘getting ready’ pictures Lol. So I ¬†instead spent the remainder of the time until we had to leave for the ceremony in the room with Kailyn and her dad, calming the nerves and building the excitement of the day to come. I always give the same advice to every couple on the wedding day, “whatever happens today, just go with it and have fun. As long as the day finishes with you two being married and you having had spent time with your closest friends and family, then it was a perfect day. You spent too much money on today to let a little detail cause any stress”

Dad and I gave Kailyn a similar chat, conversating and making jokes. Once the nerves started to calm, I shot some quick portraits in the hotel room.

The three of us then walked the crowded NYC streets over to Central Park where the wedding was taking place at Cop Cot inside the park. Although it makes it harder to shoot, I love walking busy streets with a bride and seeing all the compliments. This was my first time shooting here so I was really excited to get to shoot somewhere new, get the creative juices flowing, and see what I could do with Kailyn and John having a busy Central Park Saturday as the backdrop.

The ceremony was intimate and very romantic, short and sweet. Only the closets of closets friends and family. Afterward, we did pictures with the guests around the ceremony site and then it was just the three of us. I got some gorgeous portraits of Kailyn and John if I do say so myself, considering how busy the park was, and the little time we had. We needed to make sure to get a cab and make it to Empire Cruises before the reception boat was scheduled to depart. Yes, their reception was on a private boat!!!

Kailyn and John finished the night partying with their squad as the boat took us on a cruise through the Hudson River, going under the major bridges and taking us all the way to the Statute of Liberty. That was the closets to Lady Liberty I had ever been. No one on the boat was complaining about the cold weather because the views were breathtaking.

Wedding Vendors

Ceremony Venue: Cop Cot, Central Park, NYC
Reception Venue: Empire Cruises

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