Brooklyn Elopement at WNYC Transmitter Park

Liz + Gavin’s Elopement Story:

When Liz and Gavin first inquired, I was, unfortunately, unavailable for the day of their elopement/wedding, but when I said that the lovely Tessa Ling was available, they were thrilled that they could still receive the same experience for their wedding photography, even if I was not going to be there physically.

Tessa showed up to Liz’s place where she was finishing getting ready with her family. Shortly after, Gavin arrived, and then everyone walked over to WNYC Transmitter Park for a quick, intimate ceremony, followed by drinks, pizza, and cake at The Moonlight Mile in Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Tessa did an amazing job, as always, documenting Liz and Gavin’s wedding and although I was not physically there, I was there in spirit 🙂


Photographer: Tessa Ling
Ceremony Venue: WNYC Transmitter Park
Reception Venue: Moonlight Mile

Elopement Pictures:

brides two piece wedding dress hanging on closet door

Brooklyn street view from window man walking by

kitty on the couch and woman cooking in kitchen

macro of wedding ring on white flower

bride getting lipstick put on

close up of bride getting lip stick put on

bride smiling at and picking baby up in air

close up of brides record player

bride opening record player cover

bride's grandmother applying blush

bride hugging her grandmother as she cries

bride and grandmother hugging foreheads touching

friends helping bride put on dress

bride laughing grandmother behind her helping with dress

side angle of brides grandmother zipping up the dress

bride putting on her shoes

view of the Brooklyn avenue outside apartment

groom outside of bar on the phone

groom outside of bar on phone holding beer

groom and groomsmen toasting with beer glasses

groom walking by graffitied wall

bride surprised face as she walks out apartment door

close up bride and groom hugging

wedding party walking in Brooklyn towards the park


bride and groom stare at each other on brooklyn street corner

view of WNYC transmitter park

bride laughing fixing her sleeve holding flowers

wedding guests everyone smiling

groom and officiant hugging

guest signs thumbs up to baby other guest laughing

bride picks up baby during ceremony

bride smiling holding baby at ceremony spot

groom holding baby smiling at camera

bride and father hugging ceremony

bride laughing backwards groom trying to kiss her

newlyweds first kiss New York city view in background

newlyweds tightly hugging bride smiling

wedding guests cheering

bride and groom posing and smiling at camera


wedding guests at bar cheering with champagne

grandmother holding brides hands

three generations mother grandmother bride posing smiling

grandmother mother and bride hugging laughing

delivery guy carrying multiple pizza boxes in reception

pizza boxes stacked next to the cake

bride and groom kissing holding pizza

newlyweds laughing before cutting cake

newlyweds cutting wedding cake laughing

newlyweds kissing holding cake plate

black and whitebride and groom passionately hugging

bride and guests holding shot glasses cheering

newlyweds kissing outside bar lit by street lights