Puerto Rico / New York City / Caribbean


And we will be there every step of the way, not just on the hike, but along the entire process of planning your adventure.

We are storytellers. We are a wild adventure-seeking photography and videography team that traded the concrete jungle of NYC for the real jungles of the Caribbean.

We are your TOUR GUIDES as well as your photo and video team.

After 5 years of shooting the big weddings in New York City, me as a photographer and the girls as videographers with their own company Reel Feels Weddings, we decided it was time for a little change.

We love NYC and loved living there full-time, but all of us having moved to NYC from Florida, the one thing we greatly missed living in the city was…nature. We missed having beach days, hangouts at the springs. As much as we love city living, we started to lust for adventure weekends (weekdays in our case since we work weekends). But we knew we did not want to move back to Florida (sorry, not sorry FL). Then both our companies got hired to document a wedding in Puerto Rico which we turned into a week-long mini-vacay. From that trip, we were sold on Puerto Rico being the answer to what we were craving. Modern city life, with the ability to get lost on wild adventures that only require a day of exploring, and then right back to the city that evening. Puerto Rico has soooo much to offer in terms of exploring, hiking, swimming, diving, beach life, mountain life, deserts, caves…I mean, seriously, name a landscape and Puerto Rico! Except for snow, but, can’t have it all I guess. Puerto Rico has all this, along with the urban concrete city life that allows us to bike to brunch, Uber home after too many mimosas, get dressed up for a night out at a trendy bar, or stay in and Postmate some food.

We thought about it,  and thought about it. And we decided to take a chance, put out into the universe “we’re moving to Puerto Rico!” Moving to Puerto Rico with the goal of keeping a place in NYC for our weddings there, and in Puerto Rico, planning and documenting adventure elopements and adventure photo sessions.

When planning your adventure elopement or photoshoot, our goal is to design an unforgettable day and structure it so that you get the most out of it. We’re going to be with you throughout the entire planning process. From helping you choose the most perfect location based on the landscapes that inspire you, referring vendors that match your vision and personality, texting back and forth about design details and outfits, we’ll be there with you 1000%, helping you craft the perfect adventure.

These adventure elopements and photoshoots are more than just taking pretty pictures on a breathtaking mountain, they’re about the experience and creating a lifetime of memories for our clients and ourselves. When the day finally comes, we will feel like old friends sharing a very special adventure together. When we start at your getting ready room, if you’re drinking mimosas with the bluetooth pumping, we’re partying with you! On the one-to-two-hour drive from civilization to the elopement spot, we’ll either be in the same car sharing the aux cable or driving separate but staying close, using walkie talkies for constant communication without relying on cellphone signals. During the hike, we’ll laugh and swap stories as your bouquet is strapped to our backpack in which we may or may not have also shoved some beers or a bottle of champagne 😉. We’ll cheers you after the ceremony, spend the day playing around the epic landscape, and hike back down with headlamps under the stars. ✨





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