Guillermo + Rosa | Piñones, Puerto Rico Engagement

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I’ve been really anxious to share these pictures. Not so much for the images, but more for the story behind it.

Like to hear it, here it goes:

I recently to a trip back to my mother land of Puerto Rico to be a guest at a wedding. I was there for a long weekend and spent everyday (except for the wedding day) exploring different neighborhoods with my camera. On one of these days, saturday to be exact, in the late afternoon I went to a beach in Piñones.


Piñones is a local favorite hot spot. It’s basically a strip, a one lane road, of some of the best tasting fried food you’ll find in the island, along with one of the best ocean views. The ambiance is what makes this place is local favorite and I never ever visit Puerto Rico without making my way here at least once.

So here I was, close to sunset, walking around the beach after having eaten some the above mentioned fried snacks and drinking two Medallas, enjoying the breeze and the view. I ended up walking up and down the beach, taking pictures of the waves, the natural wonders, rocks, etc. This went on for about 45 minutes.

The beach was nearly empty, maybe a few scattered families, but for the most part, empty. That’s when I noticed Guillermo and Rosa. I saw them from a far as they walked along the shore, being way too cute with each other. To be honest, from my view it was almost like a movie. The sun was going down, so that warm orange glow was everywhere, and here is walking towards me this couple who are just being super romantic with each other the entire time and have the beach practically to themselves. Their energy was so incredible that I knew I had to ask them to take their picture and capture the moment.



I’m naturally shy and an introvert. So part of the goal of asking to photograph them was not just to get amazing pictures, but also to practice me going out of my comfort zone and learning to get better at talking to strangers. I almost walked away without doing it but then stopped myself, while my inner voice said that if I didn’t do it, I’d always look back at this moment with regret. So I mustered up the courage and walked right up to them. Handed out my business card first to show I’m not some nut with a camera, told them I’m a wedding photographer on vacation and I’d love to capture their energy and vibe. In the first 15 seconds there was hesitation, but they looked at each other and agreed. I didn’t want to take up much of their time, so we did this shoot in under 3 minutes. Completely improvised and in the moment. I’m still looking at the pictures in amazement of how many gorgeous shots I was able to get in such short amount of time. And the energy between them was simply incredible.

Thank you Guillermo and Rosa. For those brief three minutes we shared, you guys were one of the highlights of this trip.

To see more pictures of my trip to Puerto Rico, visit my personal photo journal HERE.

-Éctor Javier
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Puerto Rico wedding photography by Thirty Three and a Third. I was on vacation in the island to be a guest at my God sisters event. I’m normally an orlando wedding photographer, but for this trip I had the chance to be a guest and not work at the wedding. The trip was amazing and could not have asked for a better way to spend a few days off. I was able to visit family as well as local favorites Santurce, Piñones, Loiza and Isla Verde.
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